Have you ever thought:

'When I reach that goal I'll be happy',

'When I win the lottery, I'll be happy',

'When I get that promotion, I'll finally be happy'?.......

We often hear our friends - or even catch ourselves - chasing something for happiness. "When I get that promotion at work I'll finally be happy, I've just got to get a new car then I'll be happy, when I reach the top of my company I'll finally be happy".........

Reaching these milestones will obviously make us happy, however for how long? 

A study from the Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University and New York University, demonstrated that - large-prize winners experience sustained increases in overall life satisfaction that persist for over a decade - however, the happiness that the researchers were expecting, was found to not be so prominent. When studying the psychological impact, researchers discovered that for those who won at least $100,000 - their happiness was not significantly improved.

Think of happiness as less natural, and more synthetic - you can create it!

Let's look at 10 secrets of supremely happy people - maybe you can create your happiness based around those!

1. They take time to be mindful

How often do we go about our day in a routine like fashion, and before we know it the day is gone and we wonder where the time went, or wish we had a few more hours.   

Happy people know the importance of taking time out to enjoy the simple things.  Try this - during your next meal think about each bite you take - the taste, the texture, how someone went to the trouble to make it, or grow it.   

This is something I had to do as part of a meditation retreat at a Buddhist temple, and I had never stopped to think about food in this way before.   

Another thing to try is mindful walking.  When you are walking to work, or to get the children from school, take time out to look at the trees, flowers, insects and anything else that usually simply passes you buy and really think about it's beauty.    Choose Happy!

2. They surround themselves with the right people 

You have probably heard me quote this before, however 'You are the average of the 5 people you spend your time with'.  So surround yourself with happy people - their creativity, their positivity, their zest for life will become your way.  Go the opposite way with the negative vibe and that will become your vibe......Choose Happy!

3. They get good solid sleep

Can sleep make you happy?   Well, if you are a parent like me, I'm sure you are yelling YES!  I actually can tell you that for 13 years of my eldest's life we never had a full nights sleep.  Nightmares and issues from her food intolerance journey were flaring up and there was not one single night where we made it all the way through.  When we finally did, oh how different we felt!  

A study performed on college students between the Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and MIT Media Lab Affective Computing Group, suggest that "keeping a regular sleep pattern contributes to the happiness and well-being of college students". Results showed that higher sleep regularity was significantly related to higher morning and evening happiness, healthiness and calmness during the week. 

So make sure you adopt a positive bedtime routine - yes like we do for children and babies - and try an essential oil lavender bath, a glass of water, no phones nearby, a dark room, and a fantastic pillow to lull you off to a good solid sleep each night.  Choose Happy!

Higher sleep regularity was significantly related to higher morning and evening happiness, healthiness and calmness.

4. They expose themselves to positive input 

I had a lady approach me a couple of years ago telling me that she was incredibly worried about her husband who had begun seeing everything in a negative light, lost all of his positivity, was not sleeping, and she couldn't  figure out what was happening.   

We sat and spoke for a while and I helped her try to figure out when he started to change.  We discussed whether he changed any of his daily habits, friend circles, or influences she told me he had started to watch the news and listen to talkback radio every minute of the day.  

I encouraged her to slowly and gently try to move him away from those influences and see what happened.  When she got back to me 2 weeks later, she said she couldn't wait and just set him a 'challenge' to not watch the news or listen to the radio for 2 weeks, and he agreed - she feels he was trying to prove it wasn't that as much as she was trying to prove it was!   What happened was amazing.  

She said within a day his mood had lightened, and within a week he had started to become his old self.   He now chose to not let those daily negative influences in and his zest for life had returned.  

Whether it be negative news or people, hearing it over and over can really have a negative impact.  Happy people choose positive reading, inspirational movies and shows, and things that uplift and inspire.  My all time favourite - and the one that got me through my terrible challenge - The Shift by Wayne Dyer. Choose Happy!

5. They fuel happiness with good food

It's always important to consider whether you are eating mindlessly, comfort eating, or really setting your body up for happiness through good food.   

Food is fuel and required to nourish the body, however many people use it to cope with difficult emotions and end up eating mindlessly leading to all sorts of physical issues to then deal with as well.

As I mentioned earlier I learnt mindful eating at a Buddhist temple, and it went as far as appreciating the food that was on my plate.  We were encouraged to only receive a small serving, as wasting food we did not like was disrespectful to those who created it, and to think positively with every mouthful.

Happy people take time to eat and appreciate good food.  They also ensure the food is good for their mind and body, and in turn this fuels their happiness.  Choose food that brings on positive feelings, not regret after eating it.  Choose Happy!

Finally, in this day and age of tests and quizzes, I know my audience like a good old test - so here is a great test to see where your happiness level is at!   Take it and let me know how you go!

Finally, I absolutely love having essential oils diffusing around me, so at the end of every blog I like to leave you with a recipe relating to the subject.    Happy people and citrus oil go together beautifully!  So enjoy the diffuser blend below!

Have an Inspirational Day!


  • 3 drops Grapefruit essential Oil 
  • 2 drops Bergamot essential Oil
  • 1 drop Peppermint essential oil

Add drops into your diffuser as per diffuser instructions.

PS: Please note I only use and recommend Young Living Essential Oils.   If you are just starting out and don't understand the difference yet, don't worry, I was there too until 11 years when ago I started researching.  I always thought all essential oils were the same, and it was such a wormhole of information! Because I like to make life easier for everyone, I created a Facebook group with all the basic information I found.   This group will make your research so much easier.   Click here if you would like access :) 

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