Real, raw, and often asked about… is a short version of my story….

A few years ago I was asked by Pete Evans, an internationally renowned chef, restauranteur, author and television presenter, for my story so he could feature it on his Facebook page. Initially, I was shocked and questioned him saying no-one would really be interested. He said it would help others, and so I agreed.

Lucky Pete is a patient man because what happened next was procrastination, excuses, and general avoidance of writing it down. When I eventually did, I found myself becoming physically ill while writing it over the next couple of weeks. My body was reacting to reliving it again.

Eventually, I wrote a ‘shortened’ version, and handed it over. What followed was incredible. Overnight, there were 100’s and 1000’s of responses and replies. People thanking me for sharing, and inspiring others that you can get through even the toughest challenges. I could just imagine Pete thinking 'told you so'. lol

I have been asked to write the whole detailed story in a book several times, and one day I might, for now though, here is the condensed version as featured on that page.

Ok, Pete, you asked for my story - raw and emotional so I’ve dug deep. Whilst writing I realised that so much happened to me in what now seems like a short period of time. Here is a condensed version!

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer around 4 years ago (I say around as I didn’t want the date of ‘that phone call’ to be a defining moment in my life so I have never remembered it as an ‘anniversary’ date. However, receiving that phone call from my doctor is a memory I can’t shake. My immediate thought was to my beautiful young girls. We had all just endured my father's short, extremely painful fight with cancer, one he had lost in just 2 months. He found out on Christmas Eve, and we lost him by February. With that memory still very fresh, I now had cancer as well.

The road to that phone call wasn’t easy either. My biopsy was extremely traumatic, yes I was nervous, however, the procedure was riddled with ‘issues’, such as the picture blanking out halfway through while the needle was extremely close to vital areas, from the doctor leaning on the cable… another story.

After my phone call, I was immediately booked in for surgery, and advised of the possible complications. In pre-op using every method I could to remain calm, the anesthetist's last words to me were ‘Wow, you are having such a major surgery’. – with a concerned look on her face and shaking her head. Not what you want to hear, so needless to say I was a mess by the time I got into the theatre.

After surgery, I was placed in a ward. Two student nurses were near me and gave me some water, however, something wasn’t right. The water went straight down and I panicked. They looked at each other with a concerned look and both left quickly. I waited for my doctor to come around in the afternoon and tried to tell him what happened, and he asked if I felt like I was drowning. I nodded. Immediately it was panic stations, I had tubes and cameras down my throat and was whisked to ICU. Yes, I had one of those ‘rare’ complications. Both of my vocal cords had been paralysed during the surgery. They were now essentially waiting for me to stop breathing.

After 2 to 3 days I was told I had to have a feeding tube inserted. They progressively pushed this tube down my throat several cms every hour. I tried to tell them it didn’t feel right and begged them to remove it, however, they wanted to persist in getting into ‘the right position’. They were also performing constant x-rays to check it’s position. You see the doctor in charge of ICU said I needed nourishment, my body couldn’t go for much longer without it. I remember the night nurse one night, she was a very tough lady, however when she saw what was happening with me, and the state I was in, patted me on the arm, told me she agreed with me and would speak with my doctor in the morning, and said ‘this will be a distant memory in a few years time’. I have to tell you she was an angel.

After a few days in ICU, my usual positive disposition was starting to decline. The nurses asked my husband to bring something in for me to do, partly because they wanted me to remain positive, however also as I was the only alert patient in ICU and they were all trying to talk to me, and I couldn’t talk back. He brought me a portable DVD player, and DVD of my all-time favourite movie ‘Ambition to Meaning’ (now called ‘The Shift) by Dr Wayne W. Dyer. I started watching it and within 15 mins of that movie, I was on the way back up, positive I would beat this complication.

After a week in ICU, I was moved to a ward. They needed the bed and felt that I had slightly improved enough that should my vocal cords begin to move again I may be able to control them. I was told I would see the ENT the next day to get a progress update. About 2 hours before my appointment I decided to meditate. I was listening to a Chakra Meditation. About 10 minutes into the meditation I felt a ‘fluttering’ at the front right side of my neck. I remember being concerned that something may be happening with my vocal cords and I could stop breathing at any moment. I had two choices, panic and call a nurse, or remain calm, continue meditating and just go with what my body was doing. I decided on the latter. The fluttering continued for 3 or 4 minutes and then settled. I was taken to the ENT who had a team of student doctors there to observe. I remember hearing a shocked gasp when the camera went down into my throat. I was concerned, however, my very happy specialist looked at me and said ‘you aren’t going to believe this, the left side is moving a very small amount, however, the right side is fully working! I immediately smiled, not only out of relief, however also knowing I had just witnessed first hand the wonders of our bodies healing themselves!

I was now on the way back up, however, still had some hurdles. I had to learn how to drink again, one sip of water from a teaspoon at a time. You can never truly understand how good water tastes, when you can’t have it for a period of time. The first time I sipped from a glass again that water was just pure heaven.

Eventually, both of my vocal cords returned to ‘normal’, however one thing was missing, and still is. My ability to sing. I used to sing professionally. That has never returned. My one goal after surgery was to sing lullabies to my girls again. That has now returned, a little off-key, but they don’t mind. It is funny how the mind works, I firmly felt that was enough for me, however, it wasn’t until a friend, a famous Australian singer, asked me to sing with her one night that I had that full realisation that I couldn’t, and that part of my life was over. However I could speak properly again, so I was determined I would use my voice for the better in some way…..

So on to today. I use my experience, to inspire and encourage. My eldest daughter had food intolerances from the age of 3 to 8 and during that time I became very passionate about investigating food additives. You see, we had been down the medical path and after lots of medical tests, doctor after doctor, blood tests etc, the only solution we were offered was a script for an ‘adult migraine medication’! Yes, it was stomach aches we were dealing with, however, their justification was ‘there is such a thing as a rare stomach migraine, just give her one of these next time she has an episode and we’ll see if that works’!!! Needless to say, I wouldn’t do it. I investigated the ‘natural’ way. I researched and eradicated so many ‘foods’ in our home that had hidden preservatives and additives in them, and that corrected our issue by about 80%! I found a naturopath who helped us improve her ‘gut health’, and diagnosed a fungal infection in her spine, which he was able to assist with. Along the way, we also discovered Essential Oils which were particularly helpful with emotional calming and balancing for all of us after everything we had been through.

So, my research, my journey, and my inability to sing has led me to where I am today. A highly motivated guest speaker on Children’s Health, living a balanced life in a high tox world, Women’s Wellness, and helping others design their own destiny.

I now use my voice to educate and empower others and help them create their own wellness toolkit.

I remember last year I decided to start carrying books in my business on Paleo eating, however, I didn’t want to do this without first trying Paleo eating. I decided to try it for 30 days. I cannot stress enough how much those 30 days changed my life. With needing to take medication every day to replace my missing thyroid gland, I still never felt ‘my old self’. However during this 30-day trial, I had unbelievable energy, I lost some weight that I needed too, the bloating feeling in my belly disappeared – (along with some of my belly!), however, the best part was I felt totally revitalised! I finally felt normal again, and in fact, better than before I had cancer!

From everything I have learned along the way, I am very passionate about the state of children’s diets, and for several years now have assisted parents to dramatically reduce the additives and preservatives in their children’s diets. I have several presentations – Raising Balanced Children, What’s in their lunchbox, and Rub-a-Dub-Dub what’s in their tub, that I am asked to present through schools and privately. I was also taken on a National tour by Young Living Essential Oils to speak about Children’s Healthy Eating, and also just recently to New Zealand.

One thing that is extremely frustrating is watching people oppose and pretty much attack what you and others are trying to educate us on. The one thing I tell people who question Paleo is simply just try it for 30 days as I did initially. I have set this challenge to several people now and they have all come back to me and said how much better they feel including, sleeping more soundly, feeling lighter, less bloated, etc. If only we could now get the food pyramid changed to reflect what is best for our bodies it would make it so much easier! I often play a video by Dr Perlmutter during my talks where he is saying the pyramid should simply be turned upside down.

At one of my last talks last year I had a parent approach me and say ‘ What do you feed your children for breakfast?’. I mentioned one thing they love is a fresh omelette full of tomatoes, spinach etc. She advised that there was no way she could cook for her children in the morning – there is no time. I simply suggested to her to maybe wake them 10 minutes earlier, and try what I do – while packing their lunches, throw the eggs in the pan with the tomatoes and spinach and it cooks in a shorter amount of time than making the lunches! She contacted me a few weeks later and told me that she didn’t believe me, she thought I was crazy, however, has now started to do that and the children are loving it!

Eating the Paleo Way has made so much sense for our family, and it really has made cooking and eating so much easier for us. There are some amazing resources available – including your fabulous books which we use constantly and our children love choosing a recipe and cooking it for us.

So thank you Pete. You are making such a difference and making this important information available to so many ☺

UPDATE, since writing this years ago, I have been blessed to now speak in several countries, and share wellness and empowerment with many 1000’s of people. That challenge as tough as it was, clearly was my push from the universe to do more, share more, and inspire others from it. I am blessed now to have so many people in my life that trusted me, the information I shared with them, the products I shared with them, and together we have formed an amazing community of people balancing our lives and wellness. Many have also become business partners, to further share all of our important messages and stories.

I will always be grateful to Pete for pushing me to put pen to paper and being an important part of my healing process.

PS: As always, I absolutely love having essential oils diffusing around me, so at the end of every blog, I like to leave you with a recipe relating to the subject.     Enjoy this special blend!


  • 3 drops Palmarosa essential Oil
  • 3 drops Cedarwood essential Oil
  • 2 drops Orange essential oil
  • 1 drop Ylang Ylang essential oil
Add drops into your diffuser as per diffuser instructions.

PS: Please note I only use and recommend Young Living Essential Oils.   If you are just starting out and don't understand the difference yet, don't worry, I was there too until 11 years when ago I started researching.  I always thought all essential oils were the same, and it was such a wormhole of information! Because I like to make life easier for everyone, I created a Facebook group with all the basic information I found.   This group will make your research so much easier.   Click here if you would like access :) 

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