You beat cancer, you're all good now...right?

Many people see cancer survivors as - "you beat it, you're all good now". 

Yes, we did...however, for many of us we are also still battling.

For many, the daily battles of our own minds are enough to sometimes bring us to our knees.

Every niggle, every pain, every feeling of energy drain - can trigger thoughts of 'It's back', 'what if it's cancer again' etc etc.

- I feel drained's back.
- That pain in my arm.....must be a tumor.
- I have a headache.......what if it's cancer?


What does Start Living really mean?

What does Start Living really mean?
Have you ever had a defining moment in your life? 

One of those moments when you question everything.

One of those moments when all the trivial stuff - the mean girls, the stressing over the little things, the mother guilt, the spinning through life on autopilot day after day - just don’t really matter anymore?

I did. Mine was facing death.


How to adjust your life balance...

I'm an incredibly lucky person.

I am in the position of deciding when I work, where I work, and how much work I do in a day. Still, I sometimes have to check in my work/life balance - because I LOVE what I do so much, it can often take over my day and week!

Here are some ideas if you find your balance is a little out of control too quickly check-in and adjust it.

Whether you work in a corporate environment, in a high physical environment, or even from your own home environment like me, we all have to try and maintain a positive work/life balance. It's essential for leading a healthy and productive life. How?

3 ways to share Gratitude

Do you have to have the 'gratitude' talk with your children more often than not?Do you want to bring more gratitude into your own life?

Here are 3 easy ways to share gratitude!

There have been many studies on gratitude, and even scientifically proven benefits such as

- improvements to physical health
- improvements to psychological health
- better sleep
- better self-esteem and many more

We all live in a busy world, and I know how much all love the 3 ways and 5 ways blogs I post from time to time, so I know you will be grateful for this one is easy and to the point with 3 ways to share gratitude!

My Story

Real, raw, and often asked about… is a short version of my story….

A few years ago I was asked by Pete Evans, an internationally renowned chef, restauranteur, author, and television presenter, for my story so he could feature it on his Facebook page. Initially, I was shocked and questioned him saying no-one would really be interested. He said it would help others, and so I agreed.

Lucky Pete is a patient man because what happened next was procrastination, excuses, and general avoidance of writing it down. When I eventually did, I found myself becoming physically ill while writing it over the next couple of weeks. My body was reacting to reliving it again.

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