3 ways NOT to become a life list statistic!

3 ways NOT to become a life list statistic!
80% of women believe they will not fulfill their potential.

I truly find this so sad. In an age of repeatedly hearing ‘you can be/do whatever you want’.....why is this percentage still so high?

Are you in that percentage?

Christmas Spirit - 7 ways to keep your sparkle!

As the festive season is now upon us, I have been noticing a swing in the emotions of many around me.

Clearly, this year has been the year of experiencing many more emotions, fear, panic, stress, etc, however, the festive season always brings on a whole range of emotions on its own too.

So how do we move forward through this season that can be so full of mixed emotions?
Here are 7 ideas to embrace: 

5 Secrets of Happy People

Have you ever thought:

'When I reach that goal I'll be happy',

'When I win the lottery, I'll be happy',

'When I get that promotion, I'll finally be happy'?.......

We often hear our friends - or even catch ourselves - chasing something for happiness. "When I get that promotion at work I'll finally be happy, I've just got to get a new car then I'll be happy, when I reach the top of my company I'll finally be happy".........

Reaching these milestones will obviously make us happy, however for how long?