How can failures lead to success?

Have you ever attempted something and 'failed'? 

Maybe an exam at school, maybe a business, maybe a parenting style. Whilst the word 'fail' makes many of us uneasy to use, many people use it daily. 

When you allow this type of vocabulary to move from a 'sometimes word', to a daily are actually setting yourself up to fail.

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up" 
Thomas Edison

Let's look at some examples of stories people play in their minds in a little more detail -


3 ways to manifest Abundance!

More money in the hands of good people can do more good in the world.

Imagine what you can do in this world with more money.  Not just a little, a whole lot more! 

How much positive change could occur with more people like you at a point where the lack of money is no longer the first thing you think of every day.....when how I can help someone today is the first thing you think of! 

It's OK to want it! It's ok to deserve it. Why? 

Because money in the hands of good people can do MORE GOOD IN THE WORLD!

Are you the odd one out?

Have you ever felt like the odd one out?
Ever wondered why the people around you don't see life the same as you?

It's just like that glass half full/empty theory right?

I grew up being the odd one out - I always thought it was just because we moved home and schools so many times that I just didn't ever fit in.........Now I know, it's because I'm not designed to 'fit in'......I'm designed to be a 'unique being having a human experience' - as Wayne Dyer once put it.

So many of us go through life with the same 'recipe':
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