3 ways NOT to become a life list statistic!

3 ways NOT to become a life list statistic!
80% of women believe they will not fulfill their potential.

I truly find this so sad. In an age of repeatedly hearing ‘you can be/do whatever you want’.....why is this percentage still so high?

Are you in that percentage?

Why I'm so interested in Self-Care

Why I'm so interested in Self-Care
The awareness around self-care is something I focus on a lot.  
One of the reasons is that some women feel that self-care is being able to go to the toilet without a child coming with them.  Yes, I heard someone say that once. 

Whilst that can be seen by those of us who are mums as a 'luxury' (think about my bath mentioned above), it isn't self-care time. In my book I give you a lot of ideas for self-care, however, today I simply want you to embrace even the most basic to see that you can fit something into your day, even if you are reading this in your lunch break!

Who are you?

Have you ever had a moment where you have suddenly questioned who you are?Why are you here?

What your legacy will be?

I have spoken with many people who have had these thoughts during this time in our world. I have even had more people coming to me asking me to mentor them to build their own side income, knowing that part of this is discovering who you really are.

For me, these thoughts stemmed from
my experience in hospital when I was stripped of everything that was me and was basically a number in a bed. Then I decided to re-define my life and spend every spare moment with family and doing good in the world.

How to adjust your life balance...

I'm an incredibly lucky person.

I am in the position of deciding when I work, where I work, and how much work I do in a day. Still, I sometimes have to check in my work/life balance - because I LOVE what I do so much, it can often take over my day and week!

Here are some ideas if you find your balance is a little out of control too quickly check-in and adjust it.

Whether you work in a corporate environment, in a high physical environment, or even from your own home environment like me, we all have to try and maintain a positive work/life balance. It's essential for leading a healthy and productive life. How?

5 Secrets of Happy People

Have you ever thought:

'When I reach that goal I'll be happy',

'When I win the lottery, I'll be happy',

'When I get that promotion, I'll finally be happy'?.......

We often hear our friends - or even catch ourselves - chasing something for happiness. "When I get that promotion at work I'll finally be happy, I've just got to get a new car then I'll be happy, when I reach the top of my company I'll finally be happy".........

Reaching these milestones will obviously make us happy, however for how long?