How can failures lead to success?

Have you ever attempted something and 'failed'? 

Maybe an exam at school, maybe a business, maybe a parenting style. Whilst the word 'fail' makes many of us uneasy to use, many people use it daily. 

When you allow this type of vocabulary to move from a 'sometimes word', to a daily are actually setting yourself up to fail.

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up" 
Thomas Edison

Let's look at some examples of stories people play in their minds in a little more detail -


Cyberbullying 101

Even just typing the title of this blog out gives me chills.For many parents, it is a terrible daily occurrence to watch their child go through this.

For others who haven't yet had this happen at home, let me give you some of the basics to watch out for.

Think back to the moment you held your precious little cherub for the first time.

That sweet, pure, innocent little face. We want to give them the most beautiful life, the most precious experiences, and to feel love all the time.

The sad reality is as they grow we can't keep them in that beautiful cocoon of love and safety. They go to school, they make friends, they go to friends' houses, they hear the radio, they see the news, the outside influences may change them......and may even break them.

There are many of us now. The parents of children who have been cyberbullied....