3 ways NOT to become a life list statistic!

3 ways NOT to become a life list statistic!
80% of women believe they will not fulfill their potential.

I truly find this so sad. In an age of repeatedly hearing ‘you can be/do whatever you want’.....why is this percentage still so high?

Are you in that percentage?

You beat cancer, you're all good now...right?

Many people see cancer survivors as - "you beat it, you're all good now". 

Yes, we did...however, for many of us we are also still battling.

For many, the daily battles of our own minds are enough to sometimes bring us to our knees.

Every niggle, every pain, every feeling of energy drain - can trigger thoughts of 'It's back', 'what if it's cancer again' etc etc.

- I feel drained today......it's back.
- That pain in my arm.....must be a tumor.
- I have a headache.......what if it's cancer?


Cyberbullying 101

Even just typing the title of this blog out gives me chills.For many parents, it is a terrible daily occurrence to watch their child go through this.

For others who haven't yet had this happen at home, let me give you some of the basics to watch out for.

Think back to the moment you held your precious little cherub for the first time.

That sweet, pure, innocent little face. We want to give them the most beautiful life, the most precious experiences, and to feel love all the time.

The sad reality is as they grow we can't keep them in that beautiful cocoon of love and safety. They go to school, they make friends, they go to friends' houses, they hear the radio, they see the news, the outside influences may change them......and may even break them.

There are many of us now. The parents of children who have been cyberbullied....

Are you the odd one out?

Have you ever felt like the odd one out?
Ever wondered why the people around you don't see life the same as you?

It's just like that glass half full/empty theory right?

I grew up being the odd one out - I always thought it was just because we moved home and schools so many times that I just didn't ever fit in.........Now I know, it's because I'm not designed to 'fit in'......I'm designed to be a 'unique being having a human experience' - as Wayne Dyer once put it.

So many of us go through life with the same 'recipe':

Christmas Spirit - 7 ways to keep your sparkle!

As the festive season is now upon us, I have been noticing a swing in the emotions of many around me.

Clearly, this year has been the year of experiencing many more emotions, fear, panic, stress, etc, however, the festive season always brings on a whole range of emotions on its own too.

So how do we move forward through this season that can be so full of mixed emotions?
Here are 7 ideas to embrace: