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Meet Naomi Dyer

For years, I was overwhelmed, feeling like I was failing my child, and spending every single minute searching for something to help her. 

After 5 years of intense discomfort, emotional outbursts, and rashes, we had no solution.  We tried conventional, we tried natural, and nothing worked for us. I was at the point where she was begging me to stop taking her to appointments, she was completely tired of being poked and prodded. 

Finally, I decided to empower myself.  I started researching and reading every single ingredient in every product in our home. This would eventually start to consume our whole lives. 

What happened next was incredible.   I met a new naturopath, and what he introduced us to has totally changed our lives - we had battled these issues for 5 very long painful years, and in less than one month our lives totally changed. 

Now, not only does my daughter use them,  my whole family does - including my husband who was also incredibly sceptical at first!    

Today, life is dramatically different.  Now I have tools, I have solutions, and I can grab them easily and quickly - without having to read labels! Now I’m on a mission to help a whole lot of other people empower themselves with the knowledge and resources I have. 

Come join other amazing people just like you, and learn how you can find freedom with all the knowledge and information we share in our exclusive community. 

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