I am so glad that you are part of our great big Start Living Collective family!

Whether you are here just visiting as part of one of my courses, or you have decided to become a regular part of my community, welcome. 

Our community is a fun, informed, and sharing group of people who are all looking for the same thing - wellness, purpose, and abundance in their lives, and that of their families. Our community is also a place where many find 'their tribe' - new friends from near and afar who genuinely care for one another and ensure that everyone feels included. 

You can also interact with uplifting positive posts in our Start Living Community Facebook group.

So enjoy your course, or discovering all of the educational opportunities within this area, and please send any feedback or testimonials to me at info@naomidyer.com.au, or tag me in your social medial so I can share in your discoveries!

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