A little more about me...
My Background 

I've had quite the journey to get where I am today.

Firstly, I'm a mum, wife, and daughter.

I'm also a cancer survivor.

However, it's the rest of my story which has played out entirely different from 'what I planned' when I stepped onto that hamster wheel of life.

After spending years in the corporate IT arena, as a trainer, educator, and professional singer, I had a complete life change and am now a bestselling author, mindset and wellness mentor, entrepreneur, and international speaker.   

I experienced 13 years of sleepless nights. Every single night. It felt like torture, however, I endured it out of love. I had a daughter who was so badly bullied at school she would have nightmares, and also had intolerances to various food and personal care products which would cause both physical and emotional symptoms.  After spending years trying to find solutions through many doctors and health practitioners, there was no answer given.  So, I knew I had to empower myself to find the solutions. This led to many years of research and trialing different natural options before finally finding one person who truly wanted to help her, and one company that had products that she didn't react to.

Along the way, I survived a horrific battle with cancer, and a 'botched' operation, that resulted in me losing my ability to sing - in fact it was so bad I had to learn to sip water from a spoon

 I am passionate about helping others, particularly women.  In hospital, I was reduced to simply being a number in a bed in ICU, as they waited to see if I stopped breathing as a result of the complications from the surgery. I had never felt so alone. However, something in me helped me fight through, and the tools and resources I had, gave me extra strength.

 After that ordeal, I became passionate about inspiring overwhelmed mums and busy career women to step off the hamster wheel of life, and start living their lives by their own design.  Through my workshops, seminars, courses, and my bestselling book, Start Living - from Frazzled to Fabulous, I inspire women to take the steps to regain their identity, find their wellness, reconnect with their dreams, embrace a positive mindset, and live unapologetically!

 When cancer took away my ability to sing professionally, I found my passion to inspire women by sharing my experiences, and through this, I got my voice back.

I, too, sometimes have a messy kitchen, feel overwhelmed, get loaded up with laundry, and sit in the car for a little longer after everyone gets out to have a few precious slow-down moments of peace and quiet too. It's normal. However I balance this up with managing my mindset and designing my life to be incredible and uplifting so when the challenges hit, I have so much gratitude that it becomes a superpower to get me through anything.  

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