I felt alone.        I ignored opportunities.        I avoided people.        I focused solely on others.        I listened to the negative mind chatter.
I stopped exercising.        I couldn’t sleep properly.        I had no energy.        I stopped looking after myself.        I felt like my future had stalled.
I listened to others' judgments of me.        I didn’t know what was happening to me.

These are some of the thoughts of other women.  Do any of these thoughts sound familiar? 

Maybe one line, maybe more that you relate to?  It’s NOT menopause or peri-menopause.  Some call this a midlife crisis. 😔

I call it a Midlife Intermission. 🌸 It’s that moment in your life when you shift from a life of ambition to a life of meaning, and it ultimately is a beautiful life moment when you do the work to get through it. 🫶

It can hit from ages 40 to 60. 
It can be very challenging until you start working through it to get back to living a vibrant, energetic, and exciting life. 🙌

✋ Don’t ‘put up with it’.
✋ Don’t ignore it.
✋ Don’t think life has passed you by.

🌸 There is so much more for you! 🌸

My 8-week Breakthrough Program is designed to help you work through this Midlife Intermission in an enlightening, fun, supported way. 👏

We’ll laugh, we may cry, and we will certainly get excited about your future! 🙌

It’s your time and there is a place in the program waiting just for you. 🙋‍♀

The 8-week Results Breakthrough Program will help you break through these feelings to invite confidence and happiness back into your life! 

You will work one-on-one with Internationally Certified Results Coach and Bestselling Author, Naomi Dyer, and eliminate self-limiting beliefs, release trapped emotions, and become a  happier healthier version of yourself in all areas of your life! 

You'll also say goodbye to: 

  • limiting beliefs
  • the drama triangle
  • unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • negative self-talk
  • self-sabotaging behaviours
  • unhealthy boundaries
  • putting everybody else before you
  • having trouble saying ‘no’
  • fears and doubts that are holding you back
  • career and business anxieties

As your results coach, I'll shine the light on the path for you to finally get back to the vibrant, energetic you!

You'll do the work to rediscover your purpose and passions, learn how to turn challenges into opportunities and growth, and maybe even discover some previously unfulfilled goals and aspirations that you can finally work on. 

As you move from ambition to a life of meaning, I'll cheer you on every step of the way. Your prime time awaits - make it extraordinary! 

You'll have someone who won't judge, pass opinions, or naysay where you currently are in your life and feelings, and who will cheerlead you all the way through!

The Coaching Program snapshot: 

All this for an investment of $997 in you.

Remember - A year from now you will either be grateful - or wish - you had started today!

Take the next step!
You are worth it!
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