Why Clean Living?


Watch this enlightening video to truly understand that just because your products are on store shelves, they have been determined to be completely safe for you and your family. 


Fragrances are everywhere. How many of you in the past - or right now - reach for the scented candles, perfumes, and air fresheners, without wondering what the actual fragrance is made of? 

How do they even catch the ocean breeze to put it in the air freshener tin? Is the ‘strawberry field’ scent actually from a field of strawberries?

They are in most of the products on your supermarket, pharmacy, or local market shelves.

The dangers of these synthetic scents or ‘fragrance’ aren’t always evident and you may never think too much about it - however there is so much science to prove that they have major effects on our health.

A National Academy of Sciences article pointed out some critical facts:
***Around 95% of chemicals used in synthetic fragrances are derived from PETROLEUM (yes crude oil).
They include benzene derivatives, which is a known carcinogen, aldehydes, toluene and many other toxic chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, hormone issues, allergic reactions, fertility issues and central nervous system issues.

Unfortunately for us these toxic ingredients are in many products we you repeatedly daily. Many are contained in our shampoos, lotions, makeup, skin care, food, shampoos, laundry detergents, fabric softeners - and much more! Grab some of yours now and look for the words ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ - if the company has decided to list it (yes cleaning companies and air freshener companies don’t have to).

The majority of these are known endocrine disruptors - this means that they play around with your hormones - and can then trigger things such as weight gain or worse!

The term ‘fragrance’ is a term that actually can catch thousands of different toxic ingredients (there are at least 3,000 that can fall under this term).

Our skin is our biggest organ so when we apply something to our skin it takes about 26 seconds to get through to our bloodstream - then we’ve also got those air fresheners and scented candle fumes that are going straight into our respiratory system. This basically means when you are using a product that is labelled with the word ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ that all sorts of mystery ingredients are entering your body. Some can cause issues such as allergies, respiratory issues, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and brain fog.

Research from the Environmental Working Group, where they tested 17 brand name fragrance products - noted that none of the chemicals were actually listed on the ingredient label. Because companies can deem they wish to keep their formula a secret, that is basically why the term ‘fragrance’ is used. So you will never know exactly what is in there.

So what can you do? There are two options:
1. Become an incredible super sleuth. Learn ways to research, analyze, and dig deep. Many times I’ve found products that don’t have all the ingredients on their label, their manufacturers don’t put them on their own websites, and I’ve had to go and find a Material Safety Data Sheet, and even then not all ingredients are listed.

2. Find a company that is transparent, ethical and lists every single ingredient on their labels - and let me tell you - I could only find ONE company like that!

This is a HUGE reason why I’m so happy I found Young Living. Never again do I need to be a super sleuth and read labels. In fact, they even go above and beyond and find the best of the best natural ingredients!
You are the gatekeeper of your home, and the protector of your babies.
Be empowered to make good choices!


Okay, grab your popcorn and get cosy on the couch, I have another movie for you to watch!!👀

Have you looked to see if the products you use every day at home contain ‘fragrance’? Hint… it will be on the back in the ingredient label. If the answer is yes, beware, the product contains secret chemicals. Are they safe? What are they hiding?🙅‍♀️

The truth about FRAGRANCE is revealed.

This documentary is incredible, just read the blurb below;

“After noting a strange odor in his child’s pyjamas, a single dad’s search for the source uncovers potentially toxic secrets of the chemical industry”.

Even though the industry doesn’t want you to know these secrets, you’re going to! 🤪

Check it out using the link below, and discover why clean living products are the perfect replacement for all the products in your life! 💛


One of the most popular classes in our community is about the ingredients in our children’s products. This class is always the one we have to pre-warn parents in attendance to not feel guilty by the end - because we just don’t know any better when starting out on a clean living journey. 

Naomi, the founder of our community, had a daughter who went through 5 years of horrible symptoms relating to rashes, breathing issues, stomach aches, headaches, and terrible mood swings. She went through every different medical route to find an answer, both natural and ‘normal’. It wasn’t until she started to eradicate food and personal care products that contained nasties, and found a naturopath who confirmed her suspicions that she finally had an answer.
What she found during this time was the toxic load even our littlest people start accumulating is huge! 

She found that even the products that are given to us in hospitals, from the day they are born, have nasty toxins in them!

Even the products that are labeled ‘green’, ‘natural’, and even ‘organic’ many times have ingredients that are causing this toxic overload. Many of the products she had in her home had ‘fragrance’ in them - and she learned that this can be a LOT of nasty ingredients that don’t need to be labeled as they fall under the term ‘fragrance’ as a group.

Once you know this, however…….you are empowered to make better choices.

HERE IS A LINK to a fabulous TED talk. It is particularly important for those of you with babies or soon to be babies to watch.

🍼 Penelope is the producer of a documentary called Toxic Baby. She was one of the first people to start bringing awareness around environmental chemical pollution and it’s effect on babies and children.

Here is her story:
“In 2004, I became pregnant with my first child. Like many mothers-to-be, I invested many, many hours researching pregnancy and preparing for my baby. I had taken some steps to reduce toxic chemicals in my home and to what I was exposed, so I was shocked and dismayed to find out that the toxic chemical problem actually affected EVERY product and item I brought into my home, I put on and in my body, and that children were the most vulnerable. At a friend’s child’s first birthday party, I discovered that the most commonly used preservative in baby care products mimicked estrogen and had been found in breast cancer tumors. It was a breast cancer survivor with a young daughter who was sharing the information that she had and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I went home and immediately jumped on the internet. Within seconds I found the research study and emailed the scientists who authored the study. Within a day, my life would irrevocably change. I found out that parabens were just the tip of the iceberg, and I kept saying to myself “I can’t believe I don’t know anything about this!! Why don’t I know anything about this?!” This question became Toxic Baby, which looks at how chemicals in the environment affect the health and development of babies and children and what we can do to address this situation, told through the lens of the mountain of research and studies that have been done.

It’s taken almost ten years to bring Toxic Baby to life. It’s been a long and hard journey to bring this science to life and were it not for the love, support, and encouragement of my female friends and relatives, I would not have gone the distance. This community of women coming together echoes the wonderful work of Women’s Voices for the Earth, whose incredible work allows us to harmonize our voices to produce great change and great advocacy for inner and outer environments.’   WATCH HER TED TALK HERE.

THE REAL COST OF BEAUTY - What is it costing YOU?

This is the reason many people begin their Young Living journey. 🌱

Many people are so unaware of all the chemicals we put on our bodies daily, and all the chemicals we expose ourselves too. 🧪

It's enough walking past someone with perfume on, but then to put it on yourself?!

Products labelled 'natural', 'organic' and 'vegan' are ones to watch too, as those products can still be full of chemicals.

You can swap so many products with YL.

Remember - it's time to put health first.