What makes Young Living different? 

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There are many reasons that Young Living is different, including it is the original essential oil company and the only one with over 30 years of research and experience.

"When the cost of our essential oils is seen as a challenge by our customers, I like to describe for them the work required to run farms around the world without using herbicides or other toxic chemicals.
It costs us around $12,000 per acre to weed our Mona, Utah, lavender fields by hand, using manual labor.
Do you know how much "weeding" costs other companies? $60.00 per acre. Spraying cheap (and toxic) herbicides is faster and much cheaper." Jared Turner

You get what you pay for.

SEED TO SEAL - but aren't all oils the same? 

No! I used to think that too!
🌱 Many are adulterated with synthetic ingredients, not distilled correctly, or completely synthetic. This means you won’t receive the true benefits of a therapeutic grade essential oil.
🙀 Some companies even using clever marketing terms to make you think that theirs are specially certified. However as the industry is relatively unregulated, this is no-one that certifies them.
🙄 Synthetic oils or oils that are not distilled correctly can actually cause issues, so it is incredibly important to know that the company you are trusting is transparent and can show you the whole process.
👉 Any company can say their oils are ‘pure’. However it is completely different for a company to ‘show’ you they are pure.
🙀 You can have an oil that smells beautiful, however it main be ‘empty’ of all of the important constituents, and therefore have no beneficial effects.
🌱 As Young Living is the original, and have over 30 years worth of research - this means they are the holders of the largest library of Essential Oil Samples and data for testing in the world.
🌱 Being the pioneers in the essential oil industry means that they have been producing essential oils longer than anyone in the industry. This means they have an incredible amount of historical data. Because of their experience, they know when their botanicals are most potent and ready to harvest. For example they can be in the fields testing lavender every 15 minutes to know the exact time for the best and most potent oil. They know of a tree that needs to be dead for a certain number of years, and to harvest at moonlight for the best yield and quality of oil. The exact time to distill Cypress to ensure the most benefits come through - whilst many competitors are simply distilling at high temperatures for short amounts of time - Young Living are distilling at low temperature sometimes for days….
🌼Ultimately the reason I completely trust Young Living is because of their Seed to Seal quality assurance promise. This ensures that every single process from choosing the seeds, to enriching the soil, to harvesting the plants, to distilling the oils - are all done to the highest of standards.
🌱This company was created by a farmer who always said “If you don’t know your soil, you don’t know your oil”.


It’s incredible to take a look at what this beautiful company with humble beginnings has been able to achieve throughout its history - however incredibly impressive to look at what it also achieved in 2020 - a year that was the most challenging yet for everyone...yet this company still delivered to ensure that we all had access to pure, clean, health-supporting products.

Here are a few of the most impressive achievements from Young Living:

- 29 Years of unparalleled industry leadership
- over 600 life-changing products. 600!
- over 270 Essential oils and blends
- 320,000+ lives impacted by the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation in 2020
- grown to a huge family of 24 corporate and partner farms
- 17 state-of-the-art distillery locations worldwide
- a team of 50+ highly qualified scientists in the D. Gary Young Research Institute
- 29 international markets with 33 offices worldwide
- over 200,000 viewers attended the 2020 Virtual International Grand Convention
- 13 Company awards in 2020
- 4.1 billion media impressions and 333 mentions or coverage in 2020
- over 6 million global members

From humble roots, they've grown to a towering organization that will continue to enjoy incredible success for many more years to come!


Essential Oils aren’t just some ‘new-age’ fad. 

They have been around for centuries!

In 2020 Naomi was asked to record the history of Essential Oils journey through the ages for Young Living Europe.
Click the link below to listen in and learn as she takes you through the rich history!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH! - 👉 https://vimeo.com/445461275/485baaa268


Young Living has a commitment.
As stewards of the planet, we work to sustain, protect, and support Mother Earth.

CLICK HERE to take a look at what they are doing to protect our planet.

We can all do our part including recycling our bottles!
One simple thing is to re-use old essential oil bottles! I have a big jar of Epsom salts and pop the empties in there minus their likes and orifice, so the residue from the oils goes through the sales and ultimately makes the master of bath salts mixtures!!
I also like to clean out the bottles, take off the labels, add an aroma-glide fitment to the top, and make my own roll-ons with some of the recipes from this group! To get your own aroma glide fitments head into your Virtual Office (VO - i.e. the place where you put your orders in) and you will find them under ‘essential oil products’.


Young Living didn’t just pioneer the modern-day essential oils movement - they’ve led the industry for over 25 years and are continually growing to new heights.
Every day Young Living find new ways to better the world including:
🌱 Being recognised as one of the most sustainable companies in the world by winning the 2019 SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership) Award.
🌱 Donating over $100,000 to Meals On Wheels in the month of March 2020
🌱 Donating over $100,000 in wellness packs and donations to the Rural Fire Services in Australia.
🌱 Donating $55,000 to the Tracy Aviary to assist them to maintain operations and support conservation due to being closed during the pandemic.
🌱 Donating $233,000 to Meals on Wheels form proceeds from their Thieves product line promotion.
🌱 Making over 2000 healthy masks for their warehouse workers.
🌱 Donating hand sanitizer to a number of organisations of front line workers.
🌱 Donating $20,000 in trees to the Arbor Day Foundation.
🌱 Being honoured for Corporate Social Responsibility by winning the Silver Stevie Award from the American Business Awards.
🌱 Receiving another ‘Best Company to work for’ award from the Utah Valley Professional Services.
🌱 CEO Mary Young named CEO of the Year in Utah.