Label Language Masterclass: Food Additives

Hi there it's Naomi here! 

  • Are you are confused about all the 'ingredients in your products?
  • Are you are spending way too long in the supermarket trying to figure it all out?
  • Or are you just buying the same products over and over because it's all too hard?  
  • Are you, or your child, experiencing issues including:
                                                        - rashes                              - headaches & migraines      
                                                        - hyperactive children     - asthma       
                                                        - learning difficulties        - stomach aches
                                                        - emotional outbursts      - brain fog

                                                              and you just need to find a reason why? 

                                                      I have been where you may be right now. 

Five very long years of ill-health for my daughter, a doctor suggesting I try an adult migraine medication (yes for stomach aches), and eventually understanding I was the only one who could solve this for her. 

Or, maybe you don't yet have any of those issues, and you simply want to understand how to avoid them!

Let this self-paced course arm you with knowledge so you can learn what to avoid and why. This course is easy to follow, relatable, and enlightening!

With worksheets, videos, and much more you will be well on your way to discovering the hidden truths in food product language, and know which products to no longer invite into your home!

A little about me:  I am a 

Mindset & Lifestyle mentor     |     No 1 Amazon bestselling author, and      |      International guest speaker

who is passionate about helping others get started learning about clean living and making easy smart choices in a simple way because life is way too busy to sit up until 2.30 am each morning researching (been there done that ;).  So I am giving you my research, knowledge, favourite tools and resources I found along my journey, and still use to this day. 

I look forward to seeing you thrive from this journey and empower yourself to be the best gatekeeper you can be for your home!


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