Do you feel like you are always frazzled and overwhelmed?  Stuck on that hamster wheel of life?  Feeling overcome with mother guilt, career blocks, and business stresses? Feel like you are the only one? Feel like you have lost yourself?  Need some self-care for YOUR real world? 

Start Living from Frazzled to Fabulous is your ultimate reboot guide.    Join author Naomi Dyer on a step-by-step process to move you from spinning on that hamster wheel of life to designing your own life….from feeling frazzled to feeling fabulous!   You’ll discover how to find yourself again, live unapologetically and how you can stop the judgements of others from moulding you to be what others expect you to be. 

In Start Living from Frazzled to Fabulous you’ll discover: 

- A wellness balance wheel that will give you insight into the areas in your life that are out of balance when it comes to wellness, and that of your family. 

- Activities to help you find your fun, rediscover your dreams and re-cast your vision.

- Tips on how to live unapologetically instead of under the judgement of others, for example, those who judge you for having your own network marketing business!

- Powerful tools to reduce your mind clutter and confusion when it comes to embracing clean living. 

- A 30-day challenge, to help you bring 30 days of self-care into your real world! 

Start Living from Frazzled to Fabulous is your must-read guide for living a life full of positivity and wellness, flicking the mindset switch whenever you need to.  If you like easy-to-follow ideas and techniques, written by someone who has lived through an incredible amount of real-life challenges, yet still managed to get back up again and again, you will love this book.  Full of personal examples and stories you will relate to, it will feel like you are sitting around your kitchen table talking with a friend.   


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