Are you seeing your team in black and white? 
Did you know that seeing them in colour can lead to better 
communication, collaboration, 
connection and RESULTS?!


- aiming to communicate better with your team and/or customers,
- wanting your team to be able to collaborate more efficiently,
- searching for a fresh,  effective,  fun, engaging workshop to include in your team's education for this year,

How will this help your team? 
This engaging, educational, empowering, and fun workshop will bring your team together, and empower them with a basic, easy-to-remember, method of understanding people's colour personalities.   This workshop will help you and your team:

- understand the basics of colour personalities
- recognise your own strengths and the strengths of others
- communicate more effectively
- build rapport more efficiently
- understand how others process information
- build stronger connections
- modify communication styles to connect with others
- understand customers needs & better relate to them
- work more efficiently as a team to improve results
- and more!

Through a series of hands-on activities, group discussions, and practical tools, participants will gain valuable insights into their communication preferences and learn how to adapt their communication styles to better connect with colleagues, resolve conflicts, and achieve common goals. 

Whether you're a corporate team, sales team, marketing team, or any other group seeking to improve communication dynamics, this workshop offers a transformative learning experience that will empower your team members to:
  • communicate more effectively, 
  • collaborate more efficiently, and 
  • achieve greater success together.
Why Colour Communication? 
There are many different 'personality' tools, and some can be overcomplicated.  Naomi keeps this method simple to understand and memorable. 
There is no personality assessment that can be 100% accurate due to differing environments, experiences, and unique personalities of the individuals. however, the feedback on just how on target this method is, is incredible.   Through her research, application, and experiences with it in her own businesses, and that of clients, Naomi has tailored it to ensure your team can embrace and apply it easily. 

The simplicity, memorability, and accuracy are just what your team needs!

About your presenter... 
Naomi Dyer is a former corporate manager/trainer and professional singer turned Internationally Certified Results Coach, International speaker, and Bestselling Author. Naomi has led business teams of hundreds, and says one of her favourite tools for leadership was learning to read people's colours. 

"It made a huge difference to my leadership and communication styles, and is still a method I use to this day. The growth and results I found after implementing this method were astounding. It never ceases to amaze me when presenting this workshop just how on target my audiences say it is. They see the traits within themselves, their colleagues, and even in their own families and friends!"

Each workshop includes: 

  • a 4-hour interactive presentation
  • a workbook for each attendee
  • immersive activities to expand knowledge and team dynamics
The result? 
An empowered, engaged, and uplifted team for you to better communicate, collaborate and connect with!

Empower your team today!

Planning details... 

Optimal workshop times are 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm. 
Other times can be negotiated if during a company training day or event. 

Regular breaks are included. 

Training space - as there is some breakout group work, a space where participants can move around is ideal, however Naomi can adapt to whatever size learning area you have. 
The cost... 

Workshop - Basic package details are outlined in the brochure. 

Workshop  cost includes: 
  • Preparation, facilitation, and presentation of training
  • A printed workbook per attendee
Keynote Presentation only - Please contact us for individual pricing.