Tips and resources to treat yourself as well as you treat others!

Are you feeling stressed? Are you finding your stress levels are increasing? You aren’t alone. Stress is a manifestation of how you actually respond to different stressors, and how you handle those, in your daily life. I’m sure you’ll agree there have been quite a few stressors over the last year or so and whilst some of us are a little less reactive, some of us well, we need a little more help in that department.
What did you eat last? How did it taste? How many times did you chew each mouthful? What was the texture? What do you remember most about the last bite? 

Do you love coconuts? Did you know they have been providing sustenance for at least 2,000 years? So, how can you celebrate coconuts today? Here are 4 ideas!
Have you ever done something every single month for 152 months? Sounds like a really long time right? Actually, it equates to 12+ years. So yes, a really long time. For the last 152 months, I have done something every single month without missing a month. Actually, I have purchased something every single month.
Every single day thousands and thousands of women apply lipstick. You possibly do too. Maybe your children do too. Then you eat, drink, lick your lips and ingest it - then reapply to ensure the colour is still there. At what cost do these ‘benefits’ come though? After my cancer journey, I started questioning anything and everything I was using, and especially skincare and cosmetics.

How much love do your lips receive? Do you give them their own self-care time? Here are the basics to start working on to ensure your lips are no longer last on the self-care list, and then I'll give you an an easy to follow 2 step self-care routine for luscious kissable lips!

80% of women believe they will not fulfill their potential. I truly find this so sad. In an age of repeatedly hearing ‘you can be/do whatever you want’.....why is this percentage still so high? Are you in that percentage? Are you stuck on the hamster wheel of life? You know the one. Where you are doing the ‘normal’ things. That life list that is the 'normal' thing to work through on your life journey?

This weekend in my community I gave a challenge out that was super simple yet will give us busy women a huge sense of achievement - without impacting our weekend! Here it is so you can challenge yourself any time you wish!
Let me start by asking you a question - what was the last thing that you truly did for yourself? Alone? For those of us who are parents - the ‘alone’ word will be the one you will focus on. So, I have a challenge for you…..
Most of us just worry about how clean our cleaner will make our bathrooms, benches, dishes etc….however, what we should be wondering about more is how ‘clean’ is the actual cleaner? 
More and more people are becoming aware of the dangers behind the words aroma and fragrance. If you aren’t aware or a little confused, let me help you understand this a little more deeply. 
Oh, those sweet aromas of the ocean breeze, strawberry fields, and citrus bliss. Your guests will feel instantly at ease and welcome. Although some will get an instant headache and need to leave as soon as they can politely finish their cuppa and chat.