152 months of wellness...and counting!
152 months of wellness....and counting! 

152 months.

Have you ever done something every single month for 152 months? Sounds like a really long time right? Actually, it equates to 12+ years. So yes, a really long time.

For the last 152 months, I have done something every single month without missing a month. Actually, I have purchased something every single month.

It is also from the same company every single month. Kind of unheard of that people are loyal to a product/company for 12+ years right?!

While that may sound like a lot to some people, for me it has led to the consistent health and wellness of my daughter - and ultimately our whole family. 🙏

So what drove me to be such a loyal customer? 🤔

What is it that this company has/does that saw me stay with them for 12+ years?

Well, quite simply, it gave me solutions. At the time I found it, I was feeling like a failure as a parent.

I couldn’t find the solutions to help my daughter, and I was spending countless hours staying up late every single night searching for them.

Then an extra special person, my friend, and naturopath, told me he felt this was the solution I was searching for. It gave me complete transparency, no label reading required, and I was shown behind the scenes to the labs, in fact to the whole company including the farms where the ingredients are grown. 🙌

For someone like me who had been through 5 years of extreme stress and worry about my child, it ultimately gave me peace of mind - in fact, 12+ years peace of mind - and still counting. ✔️

For some of you what I’m about to say next may cause you to roll your eyes - I buy these products from a company that uses the network marketing/social selling business model.

I’ll admit when I first found this out after I ordered I was a little hesitant, but when I saw how they helped us, it mattered no more. I was hesitant because I had previously had friends coming to show me their ‘join with me now and you’ll be a founding leader’ type speech years before for various products - however......... this was completely different. I didn’t have anyone tell me that, or offer me that. I was simply a customer with a need, and a solution was provided. 👏

Ultimately people saw the difference and wanted the same products.

✔️ Yes, I helped them get started with my referral code.

✔️ Yes, I have many friends who are using the same products - and not all of them order every single month, some order every 3 months or longer. It’s their choice.

✔️ Yes, I earn some commissions from their orders because that’s how this business model works.

✔️ Yes, I have a community where people have access to incredible amounts of education and my research because I believe that if I suggest something to someone, they deserve to know everything I know about it.

✔️ Yes I have coached other women who wanted to earn extra income using products from this company because they don’t have to carry stock, take money, pack and post items - that’s all done for them, so it all makes perfect sense, and gives them more time to self-develop, be with their families more, and change lives - just like mine was changed. That’s the beauty of this model.

I also became what I call a ‘corporate dropout by choice’ along the way as I felt the urge to leave my job and be a full-time mum. Along the way my community grew, which meant I could work from home, write my book, and be at every school activity, awards ceremony, and everywhere my children needed me. In fact, I’ve also been able to take them around the world to experience incredible places, visit the farms, and make beautiful life-long friends around the world.
What is this incredible company called? Young Living Essential Oils. 🙏

Not just the purest oils, but incredible oil-infused low tox products for all aspects of our lives, personal care, cleaning, pet care, child & baby care, supplements, skincare and yes even clean makeup!

🌱 They are the original.
🌱 They are family owned.
🌱 They are farmers first.
🌱 They put product before profit.
🌱 They are a billion-dollar company that cares deeply about people and our planet.

I have complete trust in them.

I have done for 12+ years and I will always recommend them to friends, family, and you.

They were there for me when no other solutions could be found for my daughter, and I am so blessed that my friend suggested them.

Here’s to another 152 months of wellness, purpose and abundance.

Here’s to another 152 months of peace of mind for myself and my family. 🙏

Naomi xo

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