Ideas to celebrate - coconuts!
Happy World Coconut Day! 

September 2nd is world coconut day, however, it doesn't matter when you are reading this you can celebrate coconuts any time! 

Do you love coconuts? Did you know they have been providing sustenance for at least 2,000 years?

So, how can you celebrate coconuts today? Here are 4 ideas!

1. Eat one!

Don’t be intimidated by the hairy hard shell - once broken the creamy white flesh is divine! Here are some instructions to follow, and then drink that gorgeous coconut water and use the flesh to eat or for some fabulous recipes!

2. Cook with one!

There are so many recipes around so consider:

3 - Drink one! 

Go ahead and drink that gorgeous coconut water - OR…..trying something a little different!

For those who like something a little stronger…..

4. DIY with one! 

One of the things I love doing the most with coconut - is using coconut oil to make healthy chest rubs! Yes no more needing those petroleum-based chest rubs - make your own healthy safe one,  at a fraction of the cost! Here is how!

- ½ cup virgin coconut oil
- 5 drops YL Eucalyptus Blue
- 5 drops YL Myrtle essential oil
- 5 drops YL RC EO blend

1. Whisk the oils into the coconut oil.
2. Transfer to a container.
3. Refrigerate and apply to the chest as necessary.

Enjoy World Coconut Day! I’d love to hear what you do to celebrate the coconut!

Naomi xo

Note: I only use and recommend Young Living brand of essential oils. They have a Seed to Seal Quality Assurance program, and are the most transparent company I’ve ever seen. It is incredibly important to make sure you are using the purest essential oils possible in an unregulated industry, and I have never found any better than Young Living in 12 years I’ve been using them! If you don’t have access to any, feel free to order via my link xo

Naomi xo 
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