Clean your space - Clear your mind!
Clean your space, Clear your mind!! 

What do these words mean to you?

  • the clutter in the garage that once housed your car?
  • the ‘junk room’ that is home to all of the things you can find a space for?
  • decluttering your home so your mind can be clear and focused?
What if I told you my quote doesn’t mean any of that?

Yes, decluttering and cleaning up your spaces can help clear your mind, I for one can't be creative and focused when I'm surrounded by clutter...…..but I’m talking about this in a completely different way.

We as humans use a huge amount of toxic chemicals every year in our world. The majority of us will instantly think of factory smoke, car exhausts, and smoking as the issue - however,  you probably have quite a few toxic chemicals sitting in your home. In your laundry cupboard, your kitchen cupboard, your fridge, your makeup table, your bathroom, and even your baby's and children’s rooms!

You may never have thought this is an issue for you. I didn’t either. Until I spent 5 years searching for answers as to why my young daughter was experiencing:

  • Stomach aches
  • Rashes
  • Welts
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Emotional imbalances
  • and more
Doctors couldn’t find a single thing wrong with her, despite 5 years of testing.

It wasn’t until I realised I was the one who had to find the solution, and started researching. I also enlisted the help of an amazing naturopath who confirmed it was toxins in her food products and personal care products that were causing the issues. 

Needless to say, after 3 weeks of cleaning up our home, fridge, pantry, and bathrooms - she was better.

Then, I had to endure my own challenge with cancer. When I asked the doctors why I got the type I had, and at such a young age, they told me when I got home to research the ingredients in my skincare, makeup, and any other products I was using, especially around my face and neck. When I did I was shocked. Every single product I was using had at least one ingredient that was a known carcinogen.

I decided at that moment to spend my life sharing this information, my research, and my experiences with as many people as possible. 

I don’t want you and your family to experience what we had to. You don’t need or want a defining moment as we had twice. 

Use this moment in time, right now, to be that defining moment to clean up your toxin exposure.

When people attend my label language workshops they are usually shocked to know that many of the products on the shelves in stores contain ingredients that may be harmful to them.

Thinking, like I once did, that there is someone somewhere who cares enough to ensure that we are completely safe and nothing in them could possibly harm us. Sadly this doesn't happen -  one of the great gifts I can give you today is this link. Watch this video, and you will understand why this is not so.

So, how does this ultimately all relate to my Clean your space, Clear your mind quote?

Because now more than ever you need to be completely aware of what you are cleaning your space with. Many of the toxic ingredients contained in your cleaning products, your personal care products, your cosmetics, food products, your kid's products etc, can be contributing to the bio-accumulation of neurotoxins. This in turn may contribute to:

  • Brain fog
  • Memory recall issues
  • Learning challenges
  • Low focus and many more issues
One of the easiest and fastest ways to start ‘cleaning up your space’ , i.e. clearing out the harmful chemicals, is via your cleaning products. Then move to your food and personal care products. 

The challenge with this is that many countries labeling laws don’t require the manufacturers to list every single ingredient because some can fall under ‘trade secret’. This means you may never fully know what is in that product.

Don’t let this deter you, though - because this is so incredibly important!

I used this quote to guide me:

“These days, consumers are usually not presented with all the information about the products they use: how it’s produced (harvested/processed/manufactured/transported), where it comes from, the working conditions of workers involved in the product, and the philosophy of the corporation providing the product…”

It took me a long time to find a company with the products I needed, and in fact, in over 12+ years I’ve only found one company that lives up to this -

  • I know how their products are harvested/processed/manufactured and transported.
  • I know where their ingredients come from
  • I know the working conditions of the workers
  • I know the philosophy of the corporation.

In fact, I don’t just know - I’ve seen it all - because this company is super transparent to all of its customers.

They allow their customers to go and visit farms where ingredients are grown, and see the research and science departments, warehouses and more. 

This is me visiting one of their farms in Croatia!

I know the list I mentioned above sounds like a lot to need to know when it comes to products, however, think about this:

Unless you are using a plant-based completely clean product to spray and wipe or wash your chopping boards with, you are ingesting chemical residue the next time you chop your food on it!

I encourage you to do the same research so you have complete peace of mind - but….I know you are busy, I know the time this can take, and I know how difficult it is - so this is why I also want to make your life much easier by telling you exactly who it is, and that I locked arms with them many years ago so I can provide you with a referral code to unlock 24% discount on their products. I am so confident to introduce you to them that I also have a gorgeous welcome gift full of other ways you can experience their product range just for you. 

So CLICK here if you are ready to make this journey completely simple and use what I use. When you follow the link look for the Thieves range of products from Young Living, choose what you need, and that’s it! Easy. Simple. Clean Living made easy!

Finally, I want to leave you with 3 ways for you to learn more - places to empower yourself with knowledge - 

1. Start Living - from Frazzled to Fabulous. In my best-selling book, I outline many of the food additives and personal care ingredients you would want to avoid, based on my years of research and experience.

2. Label Language Masterclasses.  Take these and work at your own pace.  You have lifetime access, and get all sorts of worksheets and expert advice!  Food Additives (available now) and Personal Care products (coming soon).

3. Download The Chemical Maze app.  This is the best tool to have with you at the supermarket!

Don’t forget my special offer too!

- Grab your clean safe plant-based cleaning products from my recommended supplier HERE

- If you use my code* via this link you’ll also receive a gorgeous welcome to my clean living community gift from me AND you will save $’s on your cleaning budget because these products are uber concentrated!

Finally - clean your space by getting rid of toxic chemicals that are fogging up your brain - and clear your mind!

Naomi xo

*: If you already have a friend who shares Young Living products be sure to use their code instead. I’m sure they will welcome you into their community too :)
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